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Taiwan Busway

Discover the value of our products : Who are the people behind these finely designed Busway and Plug-in panel board of the finest qualities that have been Made in Taiwan (MIT)? A team  which upholds the  technology first, minds for our clients’ requirements  and  does every things step by step.  What drives Taiwan Busway? How does its corporate economic look? How does it live up to its corporate responsibilities? Here you will learn the story behind our global brand, our products, what we do, and what we focus on. 

Brand and Product

TBC was derived from the company’s name at the time of its incorporation (Taiwan Busway Co., Ltd.), has been representing an innovative and high quality MIT busway products since 2002, and offers the following features: Great reliability, flexibility, simplicity of use, environmental benefits, and comprehensive safety protection. EZ Power, on the other hand, appeared in 2004 when the Taiwan Busway tech team developed an advanced plugin power panelboard product.  ---Rx series Server Room ------------------These 2 brands offer immense possibilities for your power.

With over a decade’s experience in design and manufacturing cutting-edge power distribution systems, TBC has continued to develop innovative solutions to serve the unique requirements of our IT/mission critical customers.  TBC’s compact product footprint, and its low EMC, overcomes space constraints in server rooms and allows designers to run power distribution in closer proximity to the data cables.  Additionally, the customizable plug-in units provides flexibility in power delivery to each server rack.

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